2D Animated Videos

Increase your brand sales and keep your customers engaged with the help of Animated Explainer videos.

What is an Animated explainer Video?

Animated Explainer Videos are usually 1-2 minutes long video that helps us to illustrate our products(or services) with the help of graphics to make it more engaging, and easy to explain Complex services.

These videos have shown to be very potential in engaging, illustrating & most importantly Explaining ideas, products or services of various brands around the globe. And thus, making it a great investment for brands and elevating their Sales.

These videos can help your company to create brand awareness, attract more clients, generate more leads, and much more, all of this in a single High-Quality Video Content.

1-3 Minutes Full HD Video
2-5 Minutes 4k Video

How long does it take to make an animated video?

Our process on average takes 4-8 weeks from receiving your enquiry to the delivery of the Final Video including changes.

Behind making fully-customized Animated video, lot of crew members put in their efforts like director, illustrator, editor, voiceover artist, etc.

To deliver a fantastic 2D Animated Video, we put in our efforts full-time starting from finalization of the budget to the final delivery of the video to match your expectations so that you can meet your marketing goals.

How much does it cost to make an animated explainer video?

Numerous parameters such as style, runtime/length, voice-over, Urgency of the delivery contribute into final pricing of our Animated Video. 

That being said, on average an animated video depending on these factors costs anywhere between starting from 9,999 INR to 2,00,000 INR, considering the final delivery of an high-end Animated video which meets the standards of your brand.

Considering this you can ask yourself: How much is it important for my brand to stand-out from my competitors to invest this amount?

But if you are a start-up or an upcoming brand and 

are looking for an affordable option, We Got Your Back!

You can Contact us to know More about our budget-friendly plans.

Thinking about a new project?

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